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Exploring Frame Selection Options in Richardson

Upon walking into the eyeglass center, you may be overwhelmed and awe-struck by the sheer number of frame options available today. Nearly every shape and style combination possible is represented on that long wall of eyeglass frames. Fortunately, you can use your face shape and material preference to narrow down the options and find the perfect pair of glasses for you. Once you find the right pair, you will instantly love how the frame highlights your personality and style.


Face Shape

The ideal pair of glasses accentuates your face shape and highlights your best features. The three most common face shapes are:


The round face shape features full cheeks and a softly curved chin and hairline at the forehead. The round shape benefits from a pair of glasses that give the features additional length without adding to the width. If you have this face shape, choose square or rectangle shaped glasses with crisp edges.


With square face shapes, the wide jaw line and forehead determines the width and angle of the cheekbones. As with round faces, the square shape benefits from glasses that appear to lengthen the cheeks. The ideal pair of glasses should also soften the angled structure of this face shape with gentle curves. If you have a square facial shape, a pair of elongated oval glasses usually does the trick.


The heart shaped face has a mixture of angled features and curves that make finding the perfect pair of glasses a bit tricky. The glasses should play on the facial features to bring out the best shapes. Geometric glasses with a rounded bridge, for example, can highlight the cheekbones while adding a nice curve to the nose and forehead area. You will want to experiment with several different shapes to find your ideal structure.

Frame Material

The frame material also plays a role in the way the glasses look and feel. The three major material types used for modern eyewear are:

  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Mixed

On the metal frames, the area around the lenses is usually thin, almost invisible at times, while the arms may feature a wide, intricate design. Plastic frames are a little wider around the lenses and frequently have wide, solid arms stretching around the ears. Mixed materials frames feature a nice blend of metal and plastic that keeps weight down without sacrificing the stylish design.

All of the frame material options may come in fun colors and patterns at your optometrist in Richardson. You may even want to buy several pairs of glasses from your eye doctor to coordinate with your various outfits.

Obtaining Your Perfect Pair of Glasses in Richardson

Once you determine your perfect frame shape and material, you can browse through the large selection at your Richardson Optometrist office with purpose. The frames offered by Dr. Hieu Huynh will surely fit your face shape and comfort needs every time. If your style preferences change, you can always come back to select a different pair.























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